Alyssa Vanhook Car Accident: Alyssa Vanhook of Stockbridge

3 JMU students killed in tragic West Virginia car crash 1

Alyssa Vanhook Car Accident

Alyssa Vanhook car accident: On April 2, 2023, early on a Sunday morning, our dear Alyssa changed into abruptly stolen from us. The lives of those she had the honor of regarding as her sisters, daughters, granddaughters, wonderful-granddaughters, and pals had been forever changed by Alyssa, a amazing man or woman. The mother, father, or brother she by no means met. received’t be feasible.

Alyssa had splendid grades in view that she changed into a very good scholar. She became never the sort to shirk duty or difficulty. as a substitute, she gave them each hugs. on the grounds that we have been ill-ready to cover the highly-priced funeral fees, we are fairly heartbroken via Alyssa’s departure.

We want to offer her the memories she merits to say her last goodbyes and cherish Alyssa’s reminiscence of her. right now, we are in want of donations to assist us pay for the costs related to Alyssa’s memorial service. Even a small sum, like $1, would assist.

It’s bizarre how she confided in someone about developing her daughter, who is 18 years antique, an Easter basket one minute, after which her daughter left the house the subsequent.

because of a person’s foolishness and lack of attention, the years we spent getting ready our youngsters for the world and teaching them everything they knew got here to an abrupt halt.

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