Travis Just Death, Travis Just Cause Of Death

Travis Just Cause Of Death

Travis Just Cause Of Death

Travis passed away unexpectedly last night, leaving behind his wonderful wife, Brittany, and their adorable children.

Brittany Just is the wife of Travis Just. a family that is constantly moving, crossing the country, chasing their dreams, and being fed by ICON Meals each day.

He worked as a network marketer full-time. With a fantastic company that operates in the travel and vacation industry, he and his wife have found a home for the past seven years! In addition to improving their financial situation, this has also allowed them to spend less money and more time traveling the world with their loved ones.

As some of you may already be aware, my brother-in-law, Travis Justt, died tragically in a snowmobile accident in Wyoming yesterday.

Travis Just Death

Travis had a huge personality, as you are all aware. So many people’s lives were impacted by his influence and generosity. We have received numerous calls and messages over the past 24 hours, making that more obvious than ever before. Sincerely, my sister thanks everyone for their support. As you can imagine, we are all still trying to comprehend this unfathomable tragedy. As we move forward with these next steps, all we ask in return is for your understanding, patience, and respect for our privacy.

Please keep the Just family, including my sister and the twins, in your prayers for fortitude and wisdom.

I’ll do my best to keep you all informed as decisions regarding the memorial are made.

“Our hearts just bleed for this wonderful family,” Frank Clawson wrote in a letter. Brittany, Rissy, and Ren break our hearts. This man was our dear friend and someone we adored. In many areas of our lives, including fitness, Travis Justt brought out the best in us. I’m sure a lot of people will wonder how a snowmobile accident happened. God has a plan, which we will comprehend in due time.

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