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Jackson Rohm Obituary

According to a statement from the family, Jonathan and Timothy Kinsley’s death is being mourned by the Kinsley family. The brothers died in British Columbia while on a skiing trip.

The brothers perished on Monday after being buried in an avalanche while heli-skiing in a remote area close to Revelstoke, British Columbia, according to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Despite being flown to a hospital, no success was had in trying to save their lives. A third person’s condition is still critical.

Jackson Rohm Death

According to the RCMP, the avalanche happened in the “Chocolate Bunnies” area of Mount McCrae, close to Alkolkolex. With a population of 8,275, Revelstoke is a small mountain community in eastern British Columbia that is famous for its winter sports and located roughly halfway between Vancouver and Calgary.

“Everyone involved moved quickly to identify the victims, provide first aid, and helicopter them to the hospital. IThe two skiers’ lives were ultimately unsuccessfully saved, “Sgt. Chris Dodds, the detachment commander for the Revelstoke RCMP, made a statement.

The brothers died just after a group that monitors avalanche conditions issued a warning about hazardous conditions in British Columbia’s mountains.

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