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WXRT adherents are lamenting the death of celebrated DJ Lin Brehmer.

Brehmer was a much-loved figure in Chicago, working at WXRT for more than three decades.

Monday morning, his peers at the radio station remembered him.

“We have come to offer tribute to our closest friend in the entire world, Lin Brehmer, who passed away yesterday,” Terri Hemmert of WXRT said. “Was he truly my best friend or was that just talk? Well, he really was your closest friend.”

Brehmer passed away Sunday after a fight with prostate cancer. He was 68 years of age.

“I can’t conceive of anyone else affecting individuals like Lin Brehmer did through the enchantment of radio,” said associate and lifelong friend Ellen Miller.

A stalwart on radio airwaves since 1991, he was renowned for his knowledge and comical inclination.

The widely admired radio show host was an enthusiastic Cubs fan and season ticket holder. His name was shown on the marquee at Wrigley Field Sunday.

“There was not a rock and roller like Lin Brehmer, who could rock with the best of them, give foundation on groups that you never knew, tell a story and after that just off the highest point of his head recite verse and fiction,” Miller said.